Eliminating your Unwanted Attraction?

If you are attracted to young beautiful females and not your wife, that is a problem. If you use this training to develop a sexual attraction to your wife, great.

The training probably will slightly decrease your attraction to young beautiful females. But that attraction will not go away. Fortunately, that attraction isn't the problem. Once you are attracted to your wife, your problems are solved.

Same thing if you have a foot fetish and are attracted only to female feet. You can use this training to develop an attraction to the rest of the female body. When that works, you still have your attraction to feet. But an attraction to feet is not a problem, the problem is when you are attracted only to feet.

If you have a sexual attraction to children that is a problem. First, use this training to develop an attraction to something else. Then contact us for ways to reduce your attraction to children. (See Paraphalias.)


If you are submissive, then you have a desire to be controlled and find sexual excitement in activies where you are controlled or humiliated. Speculatively, submissiveness itself probably should not be categorized with the other paraphilias; it is probably not caused by classical conditioning. Intead, it is probably a fuzzy sexual preference that you were born with.

If you are submissive, you can use this training to become attracted to whatever you want. However, you probably cannot use the further training to be "unattracted" to submissiveness.