Training Your Significant Other to be Attracted to You

Reality and a Happy Ending

Harsh Reality: Men are pre-programmed to be sexually attracted to young females with perfect bodies and faces.

Harsh Reality #2: They can see these women everywhere: movies, TV, magazines, the internet. This is not good for your relationship. It is not good for you. It isn't good for him either. He did not choose his programming.

Believe it or not, this website can train your significant other to be strongly attracted to you. Sophisticated, innovative, and effective techniques are used. Results vary, of course, but you should expect a little increase fairly quickly. However, the stronger effects take a little while, and the effect is stronger with time. Give him a month?

Use this training for improving your marriage or relationship and for decreasing internet or porn attraction.

The Sexual Training increases his sexual attraction to you. The "Need training" taps into a primitive part of his programming. The result of the need training is difficult to describe.

What He Will Do

He will need pictures of you. Ideally, this should be a varied collection, showing you as you really are. He can store these pictures on his computer. Pictures of just your face will be sufficient for the need training. For the sexual training, the pictures you use determine what he is attracted to, but your face is a good start.

The sexual training probably works better if he is allowed to ejaculate, but it probably will work even if he does not.