Pictures for At-home Use

There are two normal uses of pictures on your computer.

Training to your Significant Other

We don't have pictures of your significant other. Get them yourself on your computer. Your distractor pictures would normally be attractive women. We do have those pictures. So you just need pictures of your significant.

Defusing a Paraphilia

If you are attracted only to feet, that's a problem. This website is here to help you by taking that attraction and expanding it to something else, like cunts or nipples or your significant other. We have pictures of feet. If your paraphilia is to anything else, you have to get your own pictures. (Now these are the distractor pictures.)


No one can stop you from misusing this training. We plead with you not to train to a neighbor, classmate, or coworker. That's too much like stalking. You can also make your own fetish. If you wanted an attraction to belly-buttons, you would have find pictures of women showing their belly button and pictures of women either not showing their belly button or with their belly button digitally erased.