Nipple Training

Most males are attracted to the female breast. That works pretty well. So they are not attracted to children, for example.

And, for somewhat good reasons, the larger the breast the better, and the less sag to the breasts, the better. That usually does NOT work out well.

There are a lot of really great women with small or saggy breasts. Meanwhile, having a silicone injection is not really a good sign that she is the woman to make you happy in your life or be a good mother or wife or someone who will care about you.

You knew that.

The idea behind this training is that it is more useful to be attracted to the female nipple.

Details of Training

Your basic choice for training pictures is attractive females with bare breasts showing their nipples. This presumably is already attractive to you. So you don't need Beginning training; start with Normal Training.

As your attraction to nipples develops, you can change your training pictures to slightly less attractive women showing their nipples. These women are still attractive, they are just no as attractive as your average porn star.

You have two choices for your "distractor" pictures. You can view attractive women hiding their nipple. Or you can view attractive naked women but their nipples have been digitally "erased".

Specialization: Puckering or the Glands of Montgomery

The Glands of Montgomery are the white spots and bumps around the nipple. You could think of them as flaws. But presumably all women have them. So it is very useful to be attracted to them (unless they are weak in your SO).

Your targets for this are nipples with obvious Glands of Montgomery. The distractors should be nipples where the Glands of Montgomery are weak or missing.

Nipples can pucker. These are lines in the areola. She should get very good puckering when she is cold, but puckering should also occur when she is excited. If your SO puckers, this is a good training.

Your targets should be nipples with obvious puckering and the distractors should be nipples with no puckering.