How to Start

Go to your Training Center. If you want to be attracted to something that we have pictures for, you can just select that.

If you don't (we don't have pictures of your wife, for example), you need to get the pictures in a particular file in the computer with a particular name. There is a lot of guidance for that.

If you have a paraphilia (a dysfunctional attraction to just one thing), then you need pictures of that for your distractor pictures. Otherwise you can use the distractor pictures on this website.

Then start your training by going to the Training Center.


This website works on what are called cookies. A cookie was put in your computer when you came here. That is standard website practice. As long as you don't get rid of this cookie, then you can come here and the computer will recognize you.

If you remove your cookie, or if you log out, then you need a password to get back to your same id. You set your name and password in your Training Center.

Or, since things are free right now, you can just start over. It is pretty easy to do that.