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Dysfunctional Sexual Attractions

You are programmed to be attracted to young woman. There is a very good reason for this. Young woman are fertile, which is to say, they can become pregnant with your children. Or, put another way, having sex with a postmenopausal woman or a prepubescent girl is an evolutionary dead end.

But if your wife is postmenopausal, it is good to have an attraction to her. So nature's programming isn't good for you.

Fair of Face

You are also attracted to what roughly is a symmetrical, average face. Her nose shouldn't be too large. It shouldn't point right or left. Her eyes shouldn't be too small. Her chin shouldn't be too big or too small, it shouldn't jut forwards or backwards. And so on.

The cumulative effect of this is that all 1000 boys in a high school are attracted to the same 10 girls. Well, it isn't quite that bad. But close.

And the effect of this is that you are picking a girlfriend and eventually a wife based on what she looks like. Not her personality. Not whether she is a nice person. Well, it isn't all looks. But you are dominated by looks.

There are three solutions to this problem. If you have a significant other, you can train yourself to be attracted to her.

The second solution is to develop an attraction to parts of women that all women have. Nipple, cunt, glands of Montgomery, etc.

The third is to develop an attraction to the category of women you want to be attracted to. Like older women.


Nature doesn't want you attracted to prepubescent females (young girls), so breasts are an important part of your attraction. And, for the same reasons, the larger the breasts and the perkier the breasts, the better.

But it becomes absurd when you are attracted to a woman with a silicone implant. And women wear bras so they look impossibly perky. But then they take their bras off before sex.

So it is useful to develop an attraction to something else. Or to develop an attraction to saggy breasts (though those pictures currently are not available here).

Bottome Line

There are evolutionary advantages to being attracted to women who are fair of face and have large perky breasts. However, for the most part this evolutionary programming is dysfunctional in modern society. It causes you to be attracted to the same female as everyone else. It causes you to choose a significant other or mate based on physical characteristics rather than her skills and personality and fit with you. It leads you to wanting the woman with impossibly perky breasts and maybe being disappointed with what you get in bed.

A solution is here. Make an intelligent choice about what you want to be sexually attracted to.