People develop sexual attractions to a lot of different things. So like you could have an attraction to women's panties. That isn't really a problem. It can be fun. Any women can wear them.

But if your attraction is only to women's panties, then you have a problem. That is exactly the kind of serious problem this website tries to fix.

You need to pick something else to be attracted to, of course. Then your training will involve looking at women's panties (or whatever your fetish is) and the pictures of whatever you want to be attracted to.

The training might cause a small decrease in your attraction to your fetish. But that was never the problem. The problem was that you were attracted only to women's panties. When you have your new attraction, this problem is solved.

Bad Paraphalias

If you have an attraction to young children, your problem is much more serious. Any attraction to young children is bad.

The first goal is to develop an attraction to something else. Then there are methods to try to see if they reduce the attraction to children. (See Unwanted Attractions.)


People who have an attraction to young people did not choose that attraction. No one would want that attraction. No one would choose that attraction. That attraction makes their life horrible.

However, if you are a pedophile, now you have seen this website. You do have a choice.